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Top 10 Best Life Insurance Companies for Seniors in 2018

senior life insurance company

Depending on your specific situation, we may recommend one or two different life insurance companies from the dozens that we offer. When we recommend a life insurance policy for a senior citizen, we consider much more than age; we take into consideration your lifestyle, health, and overall needs. Only after we gather ample information can we make the best life insurance recommendation for a senior citizen.

That being said, here are our top ten life insurance companies for seniors:

Best Life Insurance for Seniors

  1. Assurity
  2. Banner
  3. Fidelity
  4. Foresters
  5. Gerber
  6. Lincoln Financial
  7. Minnesota Life
  8. North American Company
  9. Prudential
  10. Transamerica

Life Insurance Quotes over 50

The following sample monthly 10 year term life insurance for seniors quotes are based on premiums for a preferred plus non-tobacco male as of February 21, 2017. Rates are subject to change and must be qualified for.

AGES $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
50 14.15 23.81 41.76 74.88
51 15.06 26.21 46.56 83.99
52 16.06 28.83 51.83 94.5
53 17.14 31.69 57.57 105.88
54 18.32 34.81 63.85 116.74
55 19.61 38.21 70.68 129.69
56 21.02 41.65 77.29 142.96
57 22.55 45.36 84.43 157.31
58 24.21 49.39 92.18 172.88
59 26.29 54.44 101.9 192.4
60 28.63 60.13 112.83 214.36
61 32.64 67.67 127.28 240.85
62 37.11 76.06 143.35 270.32
63 41.98 85.21 160.89 302.47
64 47.21 95.03 179.72 337.01
65 52.73 105.42 199.61 373.48

Life Insurance Quotes for Seniors ages 60 to 80

The following sample monthly 10 year term life insurance for seniors quotes are based on preferred plus non-tobacco premiums for a male as of February 21, 2017. Rates are subject to change and must be qualified for.

Ages $100,000 $250,000 $500,000
60 28.63 60.13 112.83
65 52.73 105.42 202.98
70 89.34 179.62 319.34
75 158.48 343.13 666.22
80 356.21 748.34 1490.56

In addition to the senior life insurance companies listed in this article, the above best life insurance rates by age provided by Protective LifeAIG, and AXA Equitable

Top 10 Best Life Insurance Companies for Seniors 2018

The following life insurance for seniors companies list represents what we believe are the top companies offering whole and term life insurance for seniors. These companies make up the majority of the 65 and above life insurance we write.

However, with dozens of companies to choose from, the following may or may not be the right choice for you. Give us a call today for a free consultation to make sure you are applying with the right senior life insurance company.

  • Assurity

assurity logo

When you purchase whole life insurance for seniors from Assurity, you get coverage starting from the day you sign the agreement. Before 65, the amount can go up to $50,000 but once you cross 65, then the max is $25,000, which would be more appropriate for covering a funeral and other expenses.

You will have to answer a few questions about your health before the policy will get underwritten. If you are looking for life insurance coverage that will cover your funeral expense and burial insurance expenses, then Assurity is a great option.

For more, see our Assurity Life Insurance Company Review.

  • Banner Life Insurance


Banner life insurance pops up on our top ten lists time and time again. The main reason is Banner is an excellent company for sub-standard risk clients, offering some of the most competitive life insurance rates for seniors. Banner offers both term and universal life insurance coverage.

For more, see our Legal and General Life Insurance Company Review.

  • Fidelity Life Insurance


We recommend Fidelity Life Insurance to a lot of seniors. We also consider Fidelity Life Insurance to be one of the best no medical exam life insurance companies. Fidelity’s “hybrid” term life insurance option allows clients to get life insurance coverage within 48 hours. This policy offers 1/3 of your coverage as term insurance and the remaining as accidental death insurance. You also have the option of taking a medical exam up to six months after signing up. If you pass the medical exam you can convert your policy into a traditional policy. Don’t worry; if you fail, you still get to keep your existing policy.

For more, see our Fidelity Life Insurance Review.

  • Foresters Life Insurance


Foresters Life Insurance may not be a household name like other insurance providers, but the company provides one of the best life insurance policies for seniors. Even if you have a really complicated medical history, Foresters won’t shy away from taking you on as a client. They also have competitive pricing—something that is important to a lot of senior citizens, particularly after retirement. Currently included in our best whole life insurance companies list.

For more, see our Foresters Life Insurance Review.

  • Gerber Life Insurance


Being most famous for their life insurance policies for children and youth, it may surprise you to find Gerber Life Insurance on our list of most popular life insurance companies for senior citizens. However, they deserve it!

Gerber Life Insurance tends to offer no health questions and no exam life insurance for the elderly who simply need coverage from the top final expense or burial insurance companies. When a senior is uninsurable by most life insurers due to a pre-existing condition, Gerber Life Insurance still offers a great policy. For this reason, we continue to recommend Gerber Life Insurance to seniors time and time again.

For more, see our Gerber Life Review.

  • Lincoln Financial


Lincoln Financial senior life insurance caters to clients 70 and older, including whole and term life insurance for seniors over 80. This is evident with the company’s liberal body mass index chart for males and females 70 and up.

Further, the company increases limits for diabetic life insurance for seniors 70 and above, as well as blood pressure and cholesterol limits.

In addition, the company offers competitive senior life insurance rates, often ranking in the top 3 for price on coverage 70 and above.

The one thing to be aware of is that Lincoln Financial will not consider a prospective insured if he or she has not seen their personal physician in the past 12 months.

For more, see our Lincoln Financial Review.

  • Minnesota Life


An up and comer in life insurance for seniors, Minnesota Life ranks #1 for senior term life insurance rates in a lot of categories.

From the company’s website:

To remain competitive, it’s crucial to understand how to submit business for older-age applicants. Minnesota Life and Securian Life, a New York admitted insurer, have expertise in mature underwriting, with cognitive and mobility screenings, allowing us to offer Preferred Select, Preferred and Non-Tobacco Plus underwriting classes to many applicants – up to age 85.

That pretty much sums it up. Minnesota Life is definitely one of the best term life insurance companies for seniors in the marketplace. However, Minnesota Life, via Securian Life, also has great cash value life insurance policies.

For more, see our Minnesota Life Review.

  • North American Company


Another great option among the best life insurance for seniors is North American Company. North American has an A+ rating from, A.M. Best. In particular, North American is great for life insurance 60+ because it has a solid product offering and extremely competitive rates on older clients. The cheap life insurance for seniors pricing alone is enough to make almost every senior happy.

For more, see our North American Company Review.

  • Prudential

prudential logo

Pruco Life Insurance Company has great brand recognition—and the reason for it isn’t simply good marketing. Prudential Life Insurance has been our go-to life insurance company in many scenarios, including special situations for seniors. They are a unique company because they have special underwriting guidelines that can work in your favor if you are:

Pruco’s guidelines help you get coverage no matter what—and at the most affordable life insurance for seniors price!

For more, see our Prudential Life Insurance Review.

  • Transamerica Life Insurance

logo_transamerica life insurance company

Transamerica is the senior term life insurance company. The company consistently offers some of the best whole and term life insurance for seniors 70 and above.

Unlike some big name competitors, Transamerica proves to work with seniors, not against them. The company even offers elderly term life insurance for seniors over 80.

Some examples on where Transamerica excels at underwriting seniors: if you are 71 or older and have a blood pressure reading of 145/85, then you can likely qualify for the best rate class. You will also be able to get the best rate class if you have up to 5.5 cholesterol ratio. Other companies will allow a cholesterol ratio only up to 4.5.

And Transamerica has some of the lowest rates on life insurance for seniors over 75, making it a top choice for older clients.

For more, see our Transamerica Life Insurance Review.

Honorable Mentions
  • Kemper Senior Solutions


Guaranteed issue whole life insurance plan: Guaranteed coverage with face amounts from $2,000 – $25,000. Available for ages 40-80 (75 in Missouri). The only reason this company is not in our top ten list for senior life insurance is because it is not currently available in California or New York.

For more on this company visit our Kemper Life Insurance review.

  • Baltimore Life Insurance


Another company worth mentioning as one of the better senior life insurance companies is Baltimore Life Insurance Company. The flagship life insurance for seniors product is the company’s Silver Guard Simplified Issue Senior Life Insurance.

Silver Guard Simplified Issue Senior Life Insurance

  • Silver Guard I: Guaranteed Level Death Benefit
  • Silver Guard II & Silver Guard III: Guaranteed Graded Death Benefit

For more on this Company, see Baltimore Life Insurance Company.

Finding the best Life Insurance for Seniors

A few brief pointers to help you get the best life insurance policy as a senior citizen:

  • Risk factors matter. No matter what your age, whether you smoke or engage in a risky lifestyle, then you will almost always pay a premium. This is also true as a senior citizen. One of the few exceptions is for seniors who developed diabetes at a late age. There are companies who will give a better rate class for someone who has diabetes at age 55 than someone who was diagnosed with diabetes at 40.
  • Purchase life insurance today! The sooner you purchase your life insurance, generally the cheaper it will be. If you wait until you are 65+, then you will likely pay a higher monthly fee than if you buy your policy at a younger age.
  • Choose the right policy! Even if you choose the right insurance company, if you don’t choose the best type of life insurance policy, you’ll be in trouble later. For more on this, see our article that covers term versus permanent life insurance.
  • Senior business owner life insurance: Have you considered a business succession plan? Many seniors need key man life insurance or life insurance to fund a buy sell agreement in order to provide a way to pass the business on or allow time to sell a business.

How do I find that right senior citizen life insurance policy?

As we mentioned, there is no way to simply recommend a single best senior citizen life insurance company for all older clients. Each person is unique and therefore a life insurance policy recommendation must be too. For some people who are battling serious disease or illness, choosing burial insurance from among the top final expense insurance companies is probably the best route. Ultimately, the best way to find the best senior life insurance policy is to contact TermLife2Go.

About TermLife2Go

We will get to know all about you and your need and make a life insurance recommendation specifically for you. We help senior citizens find the right life insurance policy every single day.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Online Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

Thank you for reading our article, Best Life Insurance Companies for Seniors. Please leave any questions or comments below.

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  • Hi, My dad is 75 years old. He’s had a whole life insurance he’s been paying on since the 1980s. They are now adding a $2,000 interest each year since last year and they want $2,000 in interest this year that my mom and dad can’t afford. The company they are with want to cancel their life insurance if they can’t pay this year, so my dad won’t have money left for the family to pay for his funeral. He did have $40,000 in life insurance money. My parents are thinking of just letting the company cancel their insurance because its too much of a hassle. What other whole life insurance company can they start to pay for my dad who has health issues and he’s also an army vet that doesn’t add interest like this? The least life insurance money they would need is $25,000. Can you help us find a company please. I don’t won’t my dad to lose his money, then my mom has to pay out of pocket.

    • Shondra84,

      It sounds like your best bet may be to just give us a call so that we can learn more about your situation and see if we can’t find a solution to your situation.



  • Bill D

    I want to buy a policy for my dad.

  • Donna H

    Please send information to XX P…… Lane
    Frankfort Ky 40601

    • Donna,

      We would be happy to email you some information, we just don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or what you would be able to qualify for.

      So… why don’t you just give us a call when you have a chance.



  • Johnny W.

    Cheapest rates available please.

    • Johnny,

      It’s all going to depend on how much coverage your looking for, how old you are and what you can qualify for.

      So… when you get a chance, just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you!



  • Madiha

    Looking for life Ins for my husband 56 years old .good health ,no smoking please . My email address is mXXXXXXXXX@att.net

    • Madiha,

      We’d be glad to help, we just need to learn a little bit more about what you before we can know what to send.

      For example:

      – How much insurance are you looking for?
      – And what state do you live in?

      For this reason, we’ll have an agent reach out to you ASAP so that they can then send out a few options for you to consider.



  • Melissa

    Looking at life ins for my mom who is 78.
    Please call me at 651-XXX-XXXX

  • Stephen

    Hi – I am interested in helping my parents find the best life insurance plan for them. Ages 68 and 70, non-smokers. Any help would be great!

    • Stephen,

      That sounds great, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you out!


  • I am a 52 year old woman who smokes looking for insurance around 20,000. To help cover final expenses when the time comes.

    • Isabell,

      We should be able to help you out with your search. We’ll have an agent reach out to you ASAP.



  • Hello I’m looking for a 250,000 -500,000k life Insurance policy for my
    Mom who is 75 years old, not in the best condition Health wise but I’m still looking for the higher coverage, is it possible for someone so old to get a life insurance policy that high?

    • Nikki,

      It is possible for someone aged 75 to qualify for up to 250,000 – 500,000 in life insurance coverage only however you’re going to need to “justify” why that amount of insurance is needed.

      You see…

      The purpose of life insurance is to protect a loved one from a financial loss due to the death of a loved one. So, the life insurance companies are going to want to know how the beneficiaries would suffer a financially loss should the insured die.

      This is why it can become difficult to qualify for larger policies as one ages because typically individuals at age 75 are no longer working. So, our question to you would be:

      • Is your mother currently working now?
      • And are you dependent on any income that she now generates?

      There are cases where life insurance policies can be purchased to “offset” any potential tax liabilities the insured may suffer on their estate at the time of death, but again, these financial burdens would need to be established before coverage for this amount would be “justified”.

      Then once a financial justification has been established, you mother would then still have to be able to “medically” qualify for coverage as well.

      Now this may sound like a lot, but its something that we work with all the time so if you are truly interested in seeing if your mother would qualify, just give us a call and we’d be happy to take a look.



  • Blitz

    I’ve just turned 65 and I’m ungodly healthy. Don’t smoke or drink, commute to work by bicycle (Avg 25 miles a day) my last blood pleasure was117/76 my resting heartrate is 47 BPM and I have no chronic conditions whatsoever! I take really good care of myself and have since my late 20’s.
    I want a $500k policy with premiums that reflect the condition I’ve kept myself in. I’m more than happy to take any physical exam or stress test needed to confirm my good health. Who would be the best company to approach?

    • Blitz,

      That all sounds FANTASTIC! Please be on the lookout for an email from one of our agents so that they may go over a few options with you.



  • Mylen M

    I am looking for health insurance for my aunt 72 and my uncle 80 who are in n fair health maybe good even

    • Mylen,

      We’d be happy to discuss what options may be available to your aunt and uncle, we’ll just first need to know how much insurance you’re looking for.

      Please be on the lookout for an email from us with contact information for one of our agents.



  • I am looking for a policy that will cover just burial expenses. Maybe $10 to $15,000. I already have my plot and head stone. I am very healthy. No serious problems. I am 5’2″ and weigh 130lbs. I want a policy to last until I die. I am 73 years old. Please advise me.

    • Mary,

      We should be able to help you out. We just need to ask a few more questions like:

      – What state do you live in?

      For this reason, we’ve asked on of our agents to reach out to you ASAP.



  • Su-Zann H.

    I am 76 Will be 77 in Feb.is there term life that will I’m sure me to age 95?

    • Su-Zann,

      Thank you for visiting TermLife2Go, we will have an agent reach out to you ASAP so that they may be able to go over your options with you.



  • larry

    I am 59, have been on medical disability for 5 years, I am on Fentanyl Patch,
    50 Mcg/h and dilaudid for pain management. will any life insurance company cover me when I am on these meds? I also take meds for Nerve Pain, High blood pressure, and depression. will any one cover me?

    • Larry,

      You should be eligible for a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, provided that you are a US citizen and live in a state where guaranteed issue life insurance policies are offered.

      Expect an mail from one of our agents shortly to go over what options will be available to you.



  • Kimberly

    Need a quote for my mom who is 71 years old

  • Robyn

    We have a term policy that expires soon. My husband needs life insurance at age 65 soon to be 66. He has diabetes. Can you help us?

    • Robyn,

      We’d certainly love to try, why don’t you just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll see what we can do.



  • Hello, I am interested in obtaining life insurance for my mom she is 75 years old

  • Natalia R

    Need insurance for a 71 yr old female acute kidney disease, diabetic and med to high blood pressure

    • Natalia,

      We would be happy to help you find a life insurance policy for you’re loved one, we would just need to ask you a few more questions before we would know where to start.

      For this reason, why don’t you just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll do our best to help you out.



  • Cris b

    Live in NC our dream home is 6 years old Hal on mortgage is $168,000.00 don’t want to have to sell to eat when 65 y o hubby retires I’m retired my social security is hardly anything even though I worked 45-48 years $1279. A month husband may draw $2300. But we have debt no mortgage insurance no death insurance when he retires all money went as Huge down on this home
    We each want to have whole life on the other to lessen the burden when one passes on
    To pay off home pay funeral expenses and leave the survivor money to live on

    What do u suggest that we can afford

    • Cris,

      We will have an agent reach out to you via email so that we can learn more about what “types” of life insurance policies that you may be able to qualify for.

      From there, we should be able to give you several “price points” to consider so that you can decide what will work best for you and your husband.



  • Bryant W

    I’m looking for a $100,000 policy on a 67 year old female. I want to know the cost

    • Bryant,

      Sounds good! Unfortunately, there are many factors that will determine the cost of the policy that your looking for.

      Factors such as:

      – Height and weight?
      – Tobacco use?
      – Existence of any pre-existing medical conditions?
      – Current prescription medication use?
      – Etc…

      For this reason, you’re best bet would be to just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you out.



  • Tameka B

    How much for an 77year old male

    • You’re not giving us much to work with on this one Temeka!

      For example, we’re going to need a little bit more information like:

      – How much insurance are you looking for?
      – Are you looking to purchase a term life insurance policy? Or a whole life burial policy?
      – Does the applicant have any health issues?
      – What state does the applicant live in?
      – Etc, etc…

      So, if you would be so kind, just give us a call and we’ll do our very best to help you out.



  • Tiana G

    I am interested in getting life insurance for my grandparents. They are both 75 years old.

    • Tiana,

      Sounds good, we’ll have an agent reach out to you via email shortly.



  • Carolyn B

    My mom is 84.Is there any term life insurance available for her

    • Carolyn,

      We do work with insurance companies that will allow individuals 85 years and younger to purchase a policy. So, feel free to give us a call and we’ll go over what the pricing of such a policy will look like.



  • Lillian M

    Need a quote for 2 seniors in early 60. Please send me an email

    • Lillian,

      We’d love to help, but we’re going to need more information that this in order to start. So… just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll do our best to help you out!



  • Thanks for sharing this information.this is awesome blog.


    I just turned to 63 on May 17, 2017 and would like to know how I could buy a good policy locked in rate so that my family does not have too much burden in burial expense or medical. Someone told me it was too late for me to buy at my age.

    • Betty,

      Come on now, 63 years of age isn’t that old! Just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll see if we can’t find something that will fit into your budget.



  • Floyd B

    Mother is 77. Health is below average. Has history of cancer. Non smoker. She needs a life insurance policy to cover her reverse mortgage at her death. She wants to keep house in the family without giving them debt. Needs a 5000 to 75000 dollar policy

    • Floyd,

      Just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll do our best to find a policy that your mother can qualify for and afford.



  • jack i.

    Nice presentation about Best life insurance for seniors…

  • Need a quote for lns

    • Linda,

      We’d love to help you out with that, just give us a call when you get a chance!



  • Faith

    Hello Sir/ Madam,
    I need your assistance answering my questions and finding the right type of Life Insurance for my elderly father who has multiple health problems. The Life Insurance must be able to cover all his health needs regardless of his health problems. The Life Insurance must have an affordable monthly premium payment to meet his budget which comes with cash value as well. The Life Insurance must have a selection of quotes to choose from since some life insurance have a certain amount. What happens if the insured resides in a nursing home facility? Will it affect him from receiving life insurance?

    • Faith,

      Without knowing exactly what health issues your father has, we simply wouldn’t know what types of life insurance policies he will or won’t be able to qualify for. For this reason, why don’t you just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll do our best to help you out.



  • Cheryl

    Need my fiance’ and business partner to have a level term life policy for the least amount possible. He is a smoker and in good health. I do not wish to be called. If you can send via email your best options for $30,000.; $50,000. & $100,000. I will be appreciative. Thank you, ~C

    • Cheryl,

      Without knowing your fiance’s age, height, or weight, along with a host of other questions we simply wouldn’t have any way of possibly answering your question.

      You’re best be would be to just give us a call and we’ll do our best to provide you with some accurate quotes.



  • Sunil

    I am looking for inexpensive life insurance term or whole products for my parents who are aged 73 and 69. Please direct me to the right place.

    • Sunil,

      We would recommend giving us a call so we can check pricing for you and see if it’s something that will fit into your budget.



  • I am looking for an extremely inexpensive premium for a $20,000 – $30,000 policy. I may consider a $10,000 or $15,000 policy if my choice is limited. I am a 59 y/o female. Please contact through email. No phone calls please.

  • Ravi kumar

    My Mom has RA(rheumatoid arthritis) and now we want to buy life insurance and medical insurance for my mom. Is this possible?

    • Hi Ravi,

      There are many companies that will offer life insurance for someone who has to deal with something as unpleasant as rheumatoid arthritis. How about you or your mom give us a call. We are here to answer any questions you may have.


  • My father n law is 70 years old. He has no life insurance to provide for his wife if he passes.
    We are searching for a carrier.
    He is a smoker and has a few daily drinks.
    Can you carry him?

  • Angus Basey

    Would like quote on life ins.

    • Angus,

      Of course, we would love to provide you with any and all quotes on life insurance. Please give us a call during our business hours and we will help you out.

      Thank you,


  • Rebecca G

    I am a female 61and seeking term life insurance. My current policy expires soon.

    • Rebecca,

      Sounds good, just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.



  • Christi M.

    I would like to more elderly finance information about insurance my age 62 years old thank you for take time my request. Please help!!

    • Christi,

      We would be happy to help, we just need to learn a little bit more about what you’re looking for. So just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll work it out.



  • Adriana M

    Ligr insurance for my father who is 76 yo

    • Adriana,

      If you’re looking to find out how much the insurance will cost, just give us a call and we’d be happy to provide you with a quote.



  • Regina

    My husband’s is 60 and health.iam looking for reasonable health insurance.

    • Regina,

      That sounds good, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you out!



  • Hello looking for life insurance 250,000 for my mother is 58 has diabetes, and acute chf acute kidney disease can you please help. We don’t want grantee life for 25,000 need more willing to pay high premium if needed

    • Emily,

      With acute kidney disease, it will probably be difficult for your brother to qualify for anything other than a guaranteed issue policy. That being said, why don’t you just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.



  • Looking for life
    Ins for a 66 year.old.

    • Mary,

      We’d love to have an opportunity to help you out, why don’t you just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do!



  • Julie Martin

    looking for life insurance for my husband and me. we are 70. good health. please respond.

    • Julie,

      Sounds good, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you out!



  • Sharon Murray

    Looking for best insurance for age 55 with no health problems and I do not use tobaccos products or consume any type of alcohol

    • Sharon,

      It sounds like you’ll be a great candidate for life insurance, but we would need to know some addition information prior to being able to make any recommendations. Things like:

      • How much coverage do you need?
      • What is your current height and weight?
      • Do you have any family history of cancer, heart disease, stroke or diabetes?
      • How long do you want the policy to be in place for?
      • What state do you live in?
      • Do you have any issues with your driving record?
      • Etc, etc..

      For this reason, why don’t you just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll do our best to find a policy that works for you.



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