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GasBuddy Mobile App Review.

GasBuddy Review

Have you ever filled up your tank at a local gas station only to find out you could have saved money since gas is cheaper just a few blocks away?  Sometimes it’s only a matter of pennies, but sometimes it’s 20-30 cents cheaper per gallon.  If you have a 12-gallon tank, that could be more than $2 every time you fill up.

And while…

That may not seem like a HUGE deal, it is $2.00 that could have been spent on something better than GAS!  For example, that $2.00 could buy you a cup of coffee, a doughnut, a pack of gum, heck anything is better than just wasting it away on overpaying for gas!

So how do you find the cheapest gas near you (without wasting a ton of gas looking for the best price in town)?

That’s easy, just download the download the GasBuddy Mobile app to your phone, and let it do all the work for you!

Now if you can’t tell already…

We here at TermLife2Go really like the GasBuddy app.  Which is why we chose, to write this review as well as include it in our Top Money Saving Apps article as well.  So without further ado, let’s dive right into our review and explain exactly what the GasBuddy app does.

What is GasBuddy and how does it help you save money?

GasBuddy is a crowdsourced information platform that allows users to upload info about various gas stations. The most popular piece of information users want to know about  is the PRICE of gas at each gas station, however, GasBuddy actually offers a lot of other info:

  • Bathroom cleanliness
  • Friendliness of staff
  • Locating a gas station
  • Coffee ratings
  • What snacks are available
  • Basically anything you’d want to know about a gas station!

$2 adds up!

As we stated before, you may be thinking that a $2 savings every time you fill up really isn’t that big of a deal. Sure, maybe not when you think of it as only $2. But what about when you add it up for an entire month, or better yet, an entire year? Depending on how much you drive, all those $2 savings could in fact add up to $200 or more. Wouldn’t you rather spend that $100 on something else – or just save it for a rainy day?

GasBuddy for Road Trips

When you’re in your own neighborhood, you probably know all you need to know about your local gas stations – you know who (usually) offers the cheapest prices and all of that. However, when you’re on a road trip GasBuddy can become your best friend!

Whether you’re traveling by car for an hour, five, or twenty-five, the minute you step out of your own neighborhood, things get a little more unclear. You don’t know everything – and in some cases you may know nothing at all – about the local gas stations. Here’s where GasBuddy really becomes a useful tool.

If you’re on a long road trip, saving a few dollars every time you fill up could mean saving $20+ on your next road trip! You’ll also be sure to have the cleanest bathrooms and tastiest coffee along the way!

Where can you use GasBuddy?

GasBuddy works across America, Australia and more!

How much does it cost to use GasBuddy?

This app is absolutely free! So, it’s not like you have anything to lose by giving it a shot.  If you try it out and you don’t like it, no worries just delete it!

Gas Payment Card

GasBuddy has recently upped the savings with its new Gas Payment Card. When you tie up with your checking account, GasBuddy will shave an extra 5 cents per gallon off as the time of payment. So, if a gas station is offering gas for $2.25 per gallon, you’ll pay only $2.20 when you use the GasBuddy payment card.

GasBuddy estimates that most people will save hundreds of dollars a year with this!

Potential drawbacks to using GasBuddy.

If you use your credit card to earn loyalty points, you will no longer be able to earn those points. So, if you think you get more out of your loyalty card than you will from tying directly to your checking account, you might want to skip this feature. You can, however, still reap the other benefits of GasBuddy as it is not mandatory to use the payment card in order to use the app.

Which brings us to the obvious question…

“Why is a life insurance brokerage, writing an article about the GasBuddy app?”

Which is a great question to have and one that we’re more than happy to answer.


Because our primary goal at TermLife2Go is to help our clients improve the financial security of their loved ones, anything that can help our clients save money and improve their financial situation is something that we here at TermLife2Go can get behind.

That said…

We’re naturally inclined to believe that purchasing cheap life insurance is probably a much better “vehicle” to protect a loved one in the future (Interested in knowing what it would cost, just click here Term Life Insurance Quotes, but we understand that not everyone is going to be able to qualify for a life insurance policy and not everyone is going to be able to currently afford a life insurance policy if they are currently living on a restricted budget.

Which is why…

In a perfect world, everyone reading this article who doesn’t have a life insurance policy in place and has a need for an insurance policy would be able to use this app to save money and purchase that life insurance policy that they need.

Now will this happen?

Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give the GasBuddy app a try.  Because while we would love for you to use it to finance a life insurance policy, we ourselves do not receive any compensation from the owners of the GasBuddy app.   So, if you choose to use it, great! Or perhaps you’d prefer an alternative way to saving more money or even better Earning more money!  If so, we would encourage you to take a look at these following articles:


Now we’ve already mentioned this before but we feel its worthy of saying again.  Here at TermLife2Go, we’re just a bunch of life insurance agents.  We’re not financial experts, investment specialists, tax advisors or money managers.   All we’re really good at is helping folks qualify for life insurance.

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