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Postmates – Make Some Extra Cash On the Side

postmates review

Nowadays, it seems as though living expenses are increasing every single year while wages and salaries barely move. Even if we are lucky enough to see a pay rise, it pales in comparison to how expensive it is becoming to simply get by each day. For this reason, we are starting to forgo some important things in life and one of the biggest seems to be life insurance. However, this is unforgivable because it means that you and your family aren’t protected should you die unexpectedly.

In truth, there are actually a number of ways that you can have fun while earning a little bit of extra cash so we are going to show you one here today. When you have a little bit more money in your pocket, you can live life with increased comfort or buy that life insurance coverage you keep promising your spouse.

PostMates Review

History of PostMates

After launching in 2011, PostMates very quickly gained in popularity and is now available in more than forty different cities. What’s more, there are plans to expand even further into Europe. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, who are PostMates and what do they offer?

Essentially, PostMates are a middleman between businesses and customers for the delivery of various goods. Initially, restaurants, cafes, and the like will sign up to the PostMates service and basically say that they want to be available if anybody needs food delivered. Then, the customer will search through the list of available restaurants to order food for lunch or dinner. Normally, the customer will be an office who doesn’t have time to leave the building for lunch or particularly tech-savvy people.

PostMates’ Services

You may be wondering where you fit into the whole process but it is actually very simple. After signing up to the PostMates service, you will be invited to spend some time with the team as a practice run. Although you will have to provide your own mode of transport, you will be given a device or an app that allows you to communicate with the team. When an order comes in, you will be sent directions to follow. Then, you visit the restaurant or eatery to pick up the order before then taking it to the customer.

As you can see, this is a beneficial service for all involved because the restaurants who cannot afford to deliver are getting orders, the customers are getting food without having to pick it up, and people who sign up to be PostMates have a chance to earn money for picking up the food and dropping it off.

At the start, you will be given some practice jobs before then setting off on your own; to pay for the food, you will be given a pre-paid credit card. When you first accept a job, PostMates will attempt to call the order through to the restaurant so that you can simply walk in, pick up the order, and then walk out again. However, you may have to wait in line if they cannot get through or if anything else occurs that prevent the order from being made over the phone.

Can I Make Money?

To sign up, you will have to go through an application process online before then receiving an email as confirmation. If successful, you will receive an invitation to their local office where you will partake in a half an hour orientation. Here, you will learn a number of things including a basic overview of the business. If you still want to carry on through the process, they will run a brief background check and you will be invited back for a second meeting.

In this second introduction, the operations manager will discuss more about the company and what will be expected of you throughout the process. For example, you will learn that takeout food is the most common type of delivery will pay will vary depending on the distance between pickup and drop-off. After this, you will be allowed to go on practice runs and then eventually on your own to earn yourself some extra money.

To answer the question of “can I make money”, the answer is “yes, of course”. For each order, there will be a delivery fee and you will receive 80% of this amount while PostMates keeps 20%. Depending on the order, the delivery fee will vary and it is important to note that this amount is based on distance and not the order itself. For example, a huge order will not yield more income than a smaller order; of course, it could earn a greater tip.

PostMates Summary 

On the whole, this is a fantastic way to make some money on the side and you can normally suggest your own hours and earn money whenever you need and want to. Online, PostMates suggest that you can earn $25 per hour so it is well worth the effort if you want a bit of extra money. Let’s say you complete several hours per week, this has the potential to raise thousands of dollars on the side over the course of a year. In truth, not every hour worked will yield $25 but it is still a fantastic opportunity nonetheless.

Why is a life insurance agency writing about PostMates?

The simple answer is we are always on the lookout for ways our clients can earn a few extra dollars to cover the cost of life insurance.

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