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Zaarly Review: Amazing Opportunity for Service Providers

Zaarly Review

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to make money? Do you want to supplement your income so you can save money for something special? Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for a way to make money fast, you might be interested in Zaarly.

What is Zaarly?

Zaarly is a digital platform for small businesses to advertise services.

What kind of services can you offer on Zaarly?

There are three types of services you can offer on Zaarly:

  • Handyman Services (fixing things around the house, putting together IKEA furniture, repairs, plumbing and more!)
  • Lawn & Garden Services (everything from landscaping to cutting lawns)
  • House Cleaning (one time or ongoing services)

Does it cost money to offer my services on Zaarly?

No, it does not. All listings are free. However, if you get a job through Zaarly, they will take a 10% finder’s fee.

How do I sign up to offer services on Zaarly?

The good and bad thing about Zaarly is that they are very picky about the service providers they allow to advertise on their site. This is great for customers as they’re assured to get the best service possible. However, if you are a business owner, there is a chance Zaarly won’t allow you to list.

How does Zaarly work?

Once your advertisement is live on Zaarly, people can start requesting an appointment. Once they do, you have the option to accept or reject it. You will receive payment after the work is done.

Where is Zaarly available?

One major downside to Zaarly is that it’s just gearing up, so it’s not yet available in all cities across the US. You can only use Zaarly if you are located in Austin, Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Nashville, San Antonio or San Francisco.

It seems as though Zaarly is taking applications from other cities, probably with the hope of launching soon, but there’s no surety as to when your profile would potentially go live.

Review of Zaarly

Zaarly is a well-organized platform and it’s only going to get bigger and better from here on out. Right now, however, it is a smaller pool of users. Don’t let that fool you, though. It’s pretty likely that you will still get some work from Zaarly. However, how much work is to be determined. The good news is, Zaarly is a user-friendly platform filling a great need, so we’re sure they are only going to get more and more popular with time.

Our recommendation: now is the time to get on Zaarly.

What if I don’t already have a small business?

If you aren’t already working as a freelancer or a small business owner in the type of service you want to list on Zaarly, then it will probably be difficult for you to get listed. Zaarly will want some kind of track record to show that you really are a service expert. If you don’t have that, then we recommend that you do some work and get some customers prior to using Zaarly. After you have a few references who can vouch for your service, then sign up for Zaarly. This will improve your chances of being approved and allowed to use the portal.

Rates on Zaarly

Like we mentioned, Zaarly doesn’t charge you a fee until you get work. They also let you set your own fees. You don’t have to come down on your price just because you’re using a digital platform to advertise. Zaarly sells quality service not “cheap service”.

Why is an life insurance agency writing a review about Zaarly?

As a life insurance company, we’ve often meet potential customers who really want to get life insurance coverage, but don’t have any wiggle-room in their monthly budgets. Perhaps they are strapped down with student loans, a mortgage, and a car payment – whatever the reason, they just don’t have the extra money for a life insurance payment.

Instead of letting these customers miss the invaluable opportunity to secure an affordable life insurance policy, we like to help them think of ways to solve their current financial dilemma. Term life insurance policies aren’t all that expensive, and a few extra hours of work a month might make the difference! We think Zaarly is a great option that could help people earn some extra money and offer their loved ones the protection they need and deserve.

Thank you for reading our Zaarly Review. Please leave any questions or comments below.




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